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Grammy-Nominated Dancehall Artist Spice talks about her nomination & her debut album "10".

Interview published March 27, 2022. | Article Published April 7, 2022.

Jackie Clarke sat down with Grammy-nominated Dancehall artiste Spice for Rolling Out Ride's Sisters with Superpowers March conference.

Check out the interview on Jackie's official YouTube channel, Connected in the City.


Check out the article on The article was written by Jackie Clarke, and published by Malik Brown.

Spice is the internationally renowned Queen of Dancehall. This award-winning artist has influenced the world to embrace dancehall through her showstopping performances and thought-provoking lyrics.

Born and raised in Portmore, Jamaica, Spice has taken her love for her culture and people to a new level by bringing her Jamaican roots to VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop.” In 2021, she gained international acclaim thanks to her collaboration with Shaggy and Sean Paul with the hit record “Go Down Deh!”

Tell us about the moment when you found out that you were nominated for the best reggae album of the year.

I was home in Atlanta with family and kids filming “Love and Hip Hop” when I got the news, and I remember running down the stairs and screaming. My mom, my other half, and my sister were here, so it was that moment where everybody was just proud, and it was very emotional. I was crying and was like ‘oh my God me!’ I felt so humbled and grateful for the nomination.

What does this mean to you and to the Caribbean culture, and the dancehall and reggae music scene?

It means a lot. This one is a special one because dancehall as a genre doesn’t get a lot of recognition. People only recognize reggae music, even though dancehall was birthed from reggae music, it’s still two separate genres. I’m the first hardcore female dancehall artist to ever be nominated for a Grammy and for the culture, it means a lot to be recognized by the Recording Academy as a woman in this genre. It has never been done before. I’m opening up doors and creating a pathway for all the other talented dancehall female artists that are in Jamaica. It’s a great accomplishment.

What is so iconic about your album 10, and why the number 10?

The number 10 came from me being signed to my record label for 10 years There is recorded history of the record label and I going back and forth on the direction of my brand. At first, we weren’t seeing eye to eye and I went my separate way. I was producing for myself, I became my own record label, I was my own manager and I created my own team.

It took my team and I 10 years to finally say let’s come together and make this album happen, and so that number 10 is a great milestone for me. It means a lot to my journey, and so I wanted to take that number with me because I want to be reminded that it took 10 years.

What is your Superpower?

My superpower is making a meal out of anything or making a meal out of nothing. I think I got that from my mom. If I come into the kitchen and somebody else would come and say ‘there’s nothing here to cook,’ I can find you a full meal out of anything that’s in the kitchen.


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